Trane by Ingersoll Rand AMS (Mini VRF)

Made for the ultimate comfort

You asked if an air conditioning system can be both green and also provide the highest level of comfort and silent operation. We heard you. Now AMS III by Trane; offers the best of both worlds – it is the new green with true energy savings, yet the most energy efficient and quietest air conditioning system.

Trane AMS III is a new generation inverter home air conditioning system.

Adopting the latest innovation and cutting-edge technology, AMS III can be installed across a wide spectrum of home-types. From high-end apartments to luxury villas, the elegant and slim AMS III design is the perfect fit anywhere.

With AMS III, you are assured of a system that is highly reliable and supported by Trane’s international after sales network, giving you, peace of mind, while helping you save time, energy and cost. Moreover, with the green refrigerant (R410A), you are doing your bit for the environment too.

Features and Benefits

We care about every aspect of your home comfort

The AMS III is designed to provide superior comfort and a healthy living environment. You just have to experience it for yourselves to enjoy these amazing features:

  • Precise Temperature Control
  • Using electronic expansion valves, the unit can automatically adjust and rationally allocate refrigerant flow to keep the system at optimal status. The DC inverter utilizes 180° Sine Wave Technology to perfectly control the frequency of ON/OFF mode, thus enabling the load variation from 10% to 120% of ODU capacity. This combination seamlessly keeps the indoor temperature at a remarkable ±0.5°C of the set temperature.

  • Flexible Piping installation
  • The optimised heating and cooling design allows the referigerant piping length to be as long as 145m, with an elevation of 30m between the indoor and the outdoor unit.

  • Cooling and Heating
  • AMSIII has a unique design which enables it to provide seamless cooling or heating options depending on the seasonality and location of usage, which leads to the ultimate comfort.

  • Multiple Indoors with Individual control
  • AMS III – the latest technology can connect upto 9 indoor units from a wide range of high walls, concealed, cassette and convertible ACs. Moreover, all these can be controlled individually and can be set at different temperatures to suit individual comfort and reduce wastage.

  • Ultra-Quiet Operating Environment
  • Our Condensing fans and inlet cone structure of outdoor units are optimised to reduce noise level substantially. The concealed indoor unit is also redesigned to keep fan speed as low as possible while ensuring cooling capacity to create a tranquil and cool home environment.

  • Comfortable Air Distribution
  • By offering flexibility in the location of the supply/return outlets of the concealed unit, homeowners avoid air circuit blockage and increases air circulation. On top of that, the Cassette indoor unit has a four-way wide vertical air distribution. Such design functions ensure optimal comfort for you.

  • Green R410A Refrigerant
  • Unlike R22 which is used in most air conditioning systems, AMS III uses the R410A refrigerant that is more energy efficient with zero ozone depletion potential (ODP) and is more environmentally sustainable

  • Turbo Cooling
  • The turbo cooling function enables the unit to operate under high frequency so that the cooling capacity increases 20% instantaneously to reach the set room temperature sooner.

  • Inner Grooved Copper Pipes
  • The inner grooved pipes have a greater surface area and allow more refrigerant to pass through it leading to better heat exchange.