Mitsubishi Electric City Multi (VRF)

Product Range
Outdoor Range Indoor Type INdoor Range

4 HP To 9 HP

(Side Flow)

8 HP to 60 HP

(Top Floor)

Cooling Only,


4 Way Cassette 0.5 Ton to 4 Ton
2 Way Cassette 0.6 Ton to 4 Ton
1 Way Cassette 0.6 Ton to 2 Ton
Low Static Conceal 0.5 Ton to 2 Ton
Mid Static Conceal 0.6 Ton to 4.5 Ton
High Static Conceal 1.3 Ton to 8 Ton
Fresh Air Intake Conceal 2.6 Ton to 8 Ton
Ceiling Suspended 1.3 Ton to 4 Ton
Hi Wall 0.5 Ton to 4 Ton
Floor Standing 0.6 Ton To 1.3 Ton
Floor Mounted Conceal 0.6 Ton To 2 Ton

VRF System :

VRF Stands for Variable Refrigerant Flow. The job of a air conditioner is to adjust the refrigerant flow according to the requirements of the building. Vrf systems are energy efficient and operate quietly. The two pipe system is simple to install and service. The components of a VRF system require less maintenance than the other systems.

Intelligents Power Module (IPM) Technology

Mitsubishi Electric's CITY MULTI range controls the energy input of the system with the help of its intelligents Power Module (IPM) technology.This technology helps in highly efficient operation with its compressed units that match the building requirements.

Inverter Driven Technology

Mitsubishi Electric has always fulfilled the incresaing demands of its customers, as it is the first in the industry to provide inverter driven air conditioners to them, The inverter driven technology in our systems helps to produce proper amount of output to match the requirement of any building. Our air conditioners are efficients and do not waste any energy. Other air conditioners may appear cheaper but have higher running costs and are not as much energy efficient

VET Control (Evaporating Tempurature Control)

Reduced energy consumption in cooling by controlling the regrigerant temperature according to the operation load and raising evaporating temperature.


Single Module up 20Hp

Capable of covering up to 20 HP with a single module and a single inverter scroll compressoe. Reduced piping work.

Compatibility to outdoor temperature of up to 52°C * 1.

Capable of running cooling operations in the outdoor temperature of up to 52°C.

Increase in the limit of piping length

Farthest indoor from first branch: 90m Height difference between indoor and indoor units is up to 30 m.

Low Noice Levels New Fan Design

CITY MULTY VRF SYSTEM let the introduction of larger single fan motors some ten years ago, achieving substantially lower noise levels over multiple designs.
Continuing the development in the areas of blade shape and weight, Mitsubishi Electric have managed to achieve even higher performance and lower noise levels. To reduce noise regulations, all outdoor units include low noise mode. This function works by lowering the fan speed and compressor frequency proportionally with reduction in demand.