Trane Split Air Conditioners

Product Range
1 Ton

3 Star

5 Star
1.5 Ton
2 Ton
1 Ton

1.5 Ton
2 Ton

All-copper Components

Guarantees long life of your AC.

  • The Trane AC uses high reliability Copper Tube Condenser Evaporator & Interconnecting Pipes for longer life & better performance.

  • 52 Deg. Tested Machine

    Energy-efficient, recognized brand compressor, Magnet (PM) motor offering greater operating efficiency.

    Gold Condenser

    To give extra long life, the outdoor unit undergoes a special protective treatment called Golden Fin. Golden Fin provides greater resistance to damage from salt and atmospheric corrosion. Golden Fin will last much longer than conventional or untreated systems under any similar conditions.

    Mold Proof Coil

    NO Corrosion, No leakage
    The Trane AC dries the coil automatically after AC is switched off, which guarantees

  • No smell generation due to water blocking.
  • No gas leakage due to corrosion of indoor coil.

  • Hydrophobic Fins

    Prevents setting of water on fins which may lead to foul smell

  • In the Trane AC, evaporator fins are coated with a water resistant layer that prevent droplets from sticking to the surface area of the fins, thus keeping them dry.
  • It leads to better air flow, less gas leakage, and better lofe of coil due to reduced corrosion.

  • Self Clean Coil

    No dust blocking the coil

  • Self Clean can be started by one press of CLEAN button & it will remove the dust accumulated quickly through condensate water giving you better airflow & Long life.

  • My Zone

    Unique function of follow Me which when set enables you to maintain comfortable temperature around you. A sensor keeps analyzing the temoerature in your zone until the desired temoerature level is reached.

    Electronic Swing 4 Way

    Don't have to move every time to adjust the airflow direction: With a click of button you can have airflow where you need.

    White Screenlight Remote

    No more accidental change of setting at night. The White backlight LCD screen guides you to change setting correctly.

    Wide Voltage Range

    No more worries of loosing cooling in case of power fluctuations : Trane provides quite a wide range of operations for voltage fluctuations.

    Health Filter

    This is unique lysozyme filter which can effectively remove more than 99% of the pneumonia grams of Klebsiella, Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, Escherichacoli and Staphylococcus Aureus. So basically what it gives is pure air for you & your loved onces.

    ON/OFF Timer

    24-Hour timer can be set to automatically turn the device on and off.

    Techinical Specification