Trane Interactive AC (HW2 Series)

Trane Interactive AC

History has wintnessed great inventions and momentous breakthroughs. It has witnessed eureka moments of some truly brilliant minds. Minds that recognized one basic truth. That all of us are torn between being smart and being lazy and we are best when we can be both. It's in their proud tradition that we launch ACs and door locks powered by Trane Interactive Technology. These products are so smart They'll help you sit back. Because, whene you think smart, you live lazy.

Trane Interactive Remote

Ergonomically superior design and minimalistic layout to pot ease in the palm of your hand.

  • Clean look and intuitive to use
  • Real time display of outside temperature
  • Backlit button for clear visibility at night
  • Large screen for better display

  • Efficency Meter

    Most air conditioners link energy efficiency only with higher star ratings, however it also depends on how the consumer are using the AC. When the set temperature is lower than ambient temperature the AC consume higher energy. The efficiency meter on Trane Interactive Remote provides visual aid to set the right temperature and optimize energy consumption.

  • Efficiency Meter gives real time information about the AC's energy consumption
  • It helps you choose the right set point for lowest energy consumption no matter what the AC's start rating.

  • Multi-Room Control

    Forget about running between rooms to switch off your ACs. Whether your kids have left the AC on in their room before coming to dinner or you want adjust the tempe for your parents in the study, you will do it with the push of a button from anywhere in the house.

    Trane Weather-Sync Mode

    Cools according to the weather.

    Put an end to frequently changing the room temperature as per outside weather.Weather-Sync mode senses any change in the weather and adjusts the temperature inside to give you optimum energy efficiency and comfort

  • The Weather-Sync Mode synchronizes the operations of the AC with the weather outside to give you optimum cooling inside
  • This also protects you from thermal shock by helping avoid the risk of catching cold when you walk into a chilled room from the heat outside.

  • No Pointing

    Control your AC without pointing at it.

    Yoy no longer have to shift your position to aim the remote at your AC. Control your Trane Interactive AC from any corner of your home without ever having to move a bit.

  • Trane Interactive Remote works on Trane Interactive Technology that does not need line-of-sight to operate and lets you control the AC from anywhere
  • It has reach in all directions, around bends, and can even penetrate walls

  • Service Alerts

    Your Personal Service Manager

    When the AC stops working suddenly and displays an error code, you search for it in the manuals or call the technical guy. With Trane Interactive Remote, no more scartching your head over error codes.

  • The Trane Interactive Remote displays easy to understand service alerts.
  • The service alerts give you clear, crisp and actionable messages
  • No need to depend on a manual or technical person to figure what's wrong with your AC.

  • Comfort and Health

    Lysozome filter-Lets in only pure air

    This is unique lysozome filter which can effectively remove more than 99% of the pneumonia grams of Klebsiella, Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus Aureus. So basically what it gives is pure air for you and your loved once.

    Techinical Specification

    R410 Range, Series: HW4 (Interactive Split Type AC)

    R410 Range, Series: K52 (4 Way Cassette Type AC)

    R410 Range, Series:CN1 (Interactive Concealed Type AC)

    R410 Range, Series:IN2-IN3 (Interactive Inverter Hot Cool Type)